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mardi 1 novembre 2016

Alley Sneakin' Cat

No label, no reference
Compilation of Burt Allis’ instrumental tracks

1. Pow-Wow Rumble (1:34)
2. Sad, Hot & Rockin' (2:32)
3. Moon Walk (2:58)
4. The Digger Meets The Stomper (1:55)
5. Just Diggin' (1:57)
6. Night Diggin' Nipper (1:19)
7. Alley Sneakin' Cat (1:27)
8. Steady Rockin' (1:10)
9. Cool Fool (1:48)
10. Lonely Planet (1:47)

Artwork Included (front, back) by searnav

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I'm a visitor from the USA. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot:
do you have anything by the USA duo "Travis & Bob" who recorded for the Sandy
Record label back in the late 50's?
Thank you for your fine blog,

Mister M

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Mister M: Hello,
Here are five tracks of "Travis & Bob".
I hope you like it.