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vendredi 14 octobre 2016

The Bill Collectors Blues

A1 - Evil Heart
A2 - It Is Honky Tonk Music
A3 - All These Things You Can't Erase
A4 - I Hadn't Oughta'Went In
A5 - A Lonely Stranger (Drifting Through Your Town)
A6 - Don't Let It Get You Down
B1 - Why Did It Have To Be Me
B2 - You're Makin' A Wreck Out Of Me
B3 - You're Paying For It Now
B4 - I Never Had The Blues, Til I Met You
B5 - The Bill Collectors Blues
B6 - I'm Gonna Spin My Wheels

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

5 commentaires:

musicyoucan a dit…

Désolé Oncle Gil.
Message "The link you have requested could not be found. Here are some reasons why: "
Pouvez-vous le re-uploader ?
Merci beaucoup

Uncle Gil a dit…

@musicyoucan : Désolé. "Senior moment"...
Merci pour le signalement.

musicyoucan a dit…

Merci beaucoup Oncle Gil. Votre site est un plaisir pour les oreilles. Bonne suite et encore Merci

bulldogUK a dit…

Uncle Gil ... some really nasty ransomeware coming in through ad.fly ... no longer feel safe downloading via this portal.
Am I alone with this problem or are others suffering with it too.
Such a shame , such a wonderful site.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ bulldogUK:
Thanks for your appreciation.
Sorry for the problems you have with adf.ly.
As you see there are very few complaints.
If I use adf.ly it is to provide a few dollars to help some rockin' forums to pay their subscriptions and to help me buy some records to share on the blog.
Have a nice day!