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mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Take Me To That Place (Up)

A1 - Gene Simmons - Chains Of Love
A2 - Wade And Dick - Bop Bop Baby
A3 - Dick Penner - Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby
A4 - Jack Earls - Take Me To That Place
A5 - Jack Earls - My Gal Mary Ann
A6 - Billy Riley - She's My Baby
A7 - Ray Harris - Come On Little Mama
B1 - Roy Orbison - Tryin To Get To You
B2 - Slim Rhodes - Take And Give
B3 - Ernie Barton - She's Gone Away
B4 - Slim Rhodes - Do What I Do
B5 - Warren Smith - Red Cadillac And Black Mustache
B6 - Edwin Bruce - Eight Wheel
B7 - Edwin Bruce - Rock Boppin' Baby

HQ Artwork scans by Hillbilly Boogie & La Gazelle

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Mister Moon a dit…

Thank you, great stuff !

Unknown a dit…

Link is dead. Please restore -- this looks really good.