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vendredi 14 octobre 2016

Put Your Cat Clothes On

601A - Vernon Taylor - Your Lovin' Man
601B - Vernon Taylor - This Kind Of Love
602A - Gene Simmons - Crazy Woman
602B - Gene Simmons - If I'm Not Wanted
603A - Johnny Carroll - Rock It Baby
603B - Johnny Carroll - You Made Me Love You
604A - Johnny Powers - Waitin' For You
604B - Johnny Powers - Me And My Rhythm Guitar
605A - Hayden Thompson - Fairlane Rock
605B - Hayden Thompson - Blues, Blues, Blues
606A - Sonny Burgess - Feel So Good
606B - Sonny Burgess - My Babe
607A - Billy Riley - She's My Baby
607B - Billy Riley - Sweet William
608A - Warren Smith - Who Took My Baby
608B - Warren Smith - Tonight Will Be The Last Night
609A - Edwin Bruce - Baby That's Good
609B - Edwin Bruce - King Of Fools
610A - Ray Smith - Shake Around
610B - Ray Smith - Willing And Ready
611A - Carl Perkins - Caldonia
611B - Carl Perkins - Sweethearts A Stranger
612A - Sonny Burgess -  Daddy Blues
612B - Sonny Burgess - One Night With You
613A - Gene Simmons - Money, Money, Money
613B - Gene Simmons - I Don't Love You Baby
614A - Tommy Blake - Shake Around
614B - Tommy Blake - You Better Believe It
615A - Dick Penner - Move, Baby Move
615B - Dick Penner - Fine Little Baby
616A - Carl Perkins - Put Your Cat Clothes On
616B - Carl Perkins - You Can Do No Wrong
617A - Glenn Honeycutt - All Night Rock
617B - Glenn Honeycutt - I'll Wait Forever
618A - Jimmy Wages - Mad Man
618B - Jimmy Wages - Miss Pearl
619A - Malcolm Yelvington - Gonna Have Myself A Ball
619B - Malcolm Yelvington - First And Last Love
620A - Luke McDaniels - Uh Babe
620B - Luke McDaniels - High High High
621A - Jack Earls - Let's Bop
621B - Jack Earls - When I Dream
622A - Sonny Burgess - So Glad You're Mine
622B - Sonny Burgess - All My Sins Are Taken Away
623A - Hayden Thompson - Mama, Mama, Mama
623B - Hayden Thompson - You Are My Sunshine
624A - Jerry Lee Lewis - Pumpin' Piano Rock
624B - Jerry Lee Lewis - Friday Nights
625A - Warren Smith - I Like Your Kinda Love
625B - Warren Smith - Do I Love You
626A - Edwin Bruce - Doll Baby
626B - Edwin Bruce - Eight Wheel

Vinyl rip. Labels scans. Home Made Artwork

9 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil, this is wonderful.

Is it known which of those songs were previously unreleased ?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Mister Moon: All these tracks were unissued at the time they appeared on these singles. They were edited on several other comps (vinyl and CD) year after year.

Mister Moon a dit…

Thanks !

Frank M. Young a dit…

Yowza wowza--thanks for this great post!

Tel a dit…

Thanx Uncle Gil

Anonyme a dit…

Fantastique, merci infiniment.

hotrodmike a dit…

It's good to hear these again. Thanks for sharing.

Searnav a dit…

Great! This reminds me of Charlie and Patrice Barbat and their band of friends, and the good time we had when they were atttending R'N'R concerts and meetings.

bopping a dit…

thanks Gilles!