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jeudi 13 octobre 2016


A1 - Hi Heel Sneakers
A2 - Bring It On Home To Me
A3 - True Fine Mama
A4 - Judy In Disguise
A5 - Runaway
A6 - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
B1 - Party
B2 - So Long
B3 - That's Right
B4 - Rave On
B5 - Heartbreak Hotel
B6 - Match Box

Vinyl rip

3 commentaires:

JakeBlues a dit…

Uncle Gil,

Using Chrome, when I click on this link it redirects me to http://www.zytpirwai.net/BVHP8 and a download file called File275946.exe of 4.78mb.

Chrome blocks the website and Norton flags it as a trojan. Your other links seem to be OK.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@JakeBlues : Fleetingly I perceived this link. I use an ad blocker and I had no problem.
Here's the direct Zippylink :

JakeBlues a dit…

@Uncle Gil

I use Ad Blocker too. Your other links using ad.fly have always worked without a problem.
LinkBucks seems to be an issue,
Thanks for the direct link.