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jeudi 13 octobre 2016

God Loves Country Music (Up)

VA - COUNTRY ROUNDUP - Maranatha MM0088A (USA 1982)

(Double LP Of Country Gospel Music)

Musicians (in alphabetical order):Phil Alardo, Sam Allen, Evan Anderson, Steve Baxter, Virgil Beckham, Becky Burns, Jerry Chamberlain, Dwayne Clark, Mark Cook, Jim Coulson, Danny Daniels, Marty Dieckmayer, David Diggs, Mel Durham, Wayne Eames, John Falcone, Tom Ferguson, Jim Fiedler, Fred Field, Dom Franco, Richie Furay, Dave Garland, Don Gerber, Bruce Herring, George Highfill, Hadley Hockensmith, Brooks Honeycutt, Jude Johnson, Steve Kara, Karen Lafferty, Jeff Lams, Bernie Leadon, David Mansfield, Wendy Matthews, Dan McCleery, Chet McCracken, Alex McDougall, Ed McTaggart, John Mehler, Randy Mitchell, Terry Oelrich, John Patitucci, Al Perkins, Randy  Rigby, Von  Rogers, Patty Schauer, Jerry Scheff, Mike Shoup, Richard Souther, Bill Sprouse, Tom Stipe, Jim  Stipech, Steven Stoles, Steve Swinford, Dave Sylvester, Terry Taylor, Danny Timms, Jay Truax, Ron Tutt, Jerry Waller, John Ware, Bob Warford, John Whytock.

Disc 1
A1. The Road Home - Since I Met Jesus (4:13)
A2. Bruce Herring - Perfect Will (3:50)
A3. Bethlehem - Just A Prayer Away (3:54)
A4. Daniel Amos - Losers And Winners (3:50)
A5. Daniel Amos - Posse In The Sky (2:54)
B1. George Highfill - God Loves Country Music (3:58)
B2. Cowboy Billy McBride And The Ghost Writers - Happily Married Man (3:06)
B3. Steve Baxter - The Bible (4:05)
B4. Karen Lafferty - El Salvador (3:52)
B5. George Highfill - Cause Me To Come (4:04)

Disc 2
C1. Daniel Amos - Shotgun Angel (3:35)
C2. Daniel Amos - Ridin' Along (2:09)
C3. Bethlehem - Desert Song (3:40)
C4. Richie Furay - Glory To God (3:13)
C5. Von Rogers - Servant Of All (2:56)
D1. Crystal River - Death Couldn't Keep My Jesus Down (2:24)
D2. Bethlehem - Lover (4:03)
D3. Fred Field - Suffer The Little Ones (3:26)
D4. Steven Soles - Lead Me To Water (3:12)
D5. Fred Field - The Last Train To Heaven (2:54)

Vinyl Rip – Artwork Included (gatefold cover, front, back, inside, labels) by searnav

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Alan a dit…

100% pure country music like I love...

KurtGS a dit…

Could you please re-up this one.
Thanx in advance,

KurtGS a dit…

Thank you for the re-up of the three Maranatha Lps!