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samedi 15 octobre 2016

Brand New Cadillac

A1 - Brand New Cadillac
A2 - Peggy Sue
A3 - Jo Jo Ann
A4 - Walk Don't Run
A5 - Endless Sleep
A6 - It Keeps Rainin'
A7 - Roll Over Beethoven
B1 - It'll Be Me
B2 - Crazy Country Hop
B3 - I Fought The Law
B4 - Memphis Tennessee
B5 - Feel So Bad
B6 - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
B7 - My Way

Vinyl rip. Artwork.

(Re-post by request)

6 commentaires:

Duke a dit…

Great minds think alike! I just ripped the Wild Angels 'Red Hot & Rockin' L.P 1970

rm a dit…

merci beaucoup

Hit Parade a dit…

Uncle Gil,

Thank you for posting The Wild Angels. Of all the albums that you have posted, this is one of my top favorites. Could you please post any more albums by them? Thanks for all over your efforts.

Also another top favorite is your post on Sherwin Linton, anything more by him?

You are doing great work in helping to preserve all this music for future generations.

Claude a dit…

La reprise de Brand New Cadillac du grand Vince Taylor est impeccable. Ces gars-là sont arrivés trop tôt.

Anonyme a dit…

This album cover looks stupid. Wild Angels my ass.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Anonym: Your ass has wings?