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mardi 25 octobre 2016

Beer Drinkin' Blues

01 - Beer Drinkin' Blues
02 - Aggravatin' Woman
03 - You Know Doggone Well I Do
04 - Was I Dreaming
05 - I'm A Hen Pecked Man
06 - Darling, Why Do You Pretend
07 - I'll Try All My Life
08 - Willie Dum Dee
09 - Blowing Suds Off My Beer
10 - What Would You Do
11 - Watchin' The Clock & Grievin'
12 - Don't Throw Your Life Away
13 - A Message From The Tradewinds
14 - I Won't Be Home No More
15 - Take These Chains From My Heart
16 - Have I Overstayed My Welcome (In Your Heart)
17 - In All My Dreams
18 - At My Expense
19 - Love Me Love Me Not
20 - There She Goes
21 - Drifting Apart
22 - A Little Less
23 - You Married For Money
24 - Since You're Gone
25 - I Don't Wanta
26 - Have You Seen Mabel
27 - Mad Dog In Town

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Anonyme a dit…

Due too You are using adfly for the links and now my browsers(with adblockers)for my security, blocks all zippy links.
You had a wonderful site for finding sometimes a nice music album.
But i'm sorry to say I will not come back anymore to your blog....
Use normal zippy!!!

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Fred: I'm sorry for you. Some days it does not work the way we want.
I have no (hard) problem to download via adf.ly/Zippy as over three hundred visitors since this morning ...
Try again or I wish you good luck on the many other blogs.
You will not have much difficulty to find my stuff elsewhere they are taken up by many bloggers even the same day.
Thanks for the appreciation...