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vendredi 2 septembre 2016

Trouble Bound

A1 - Elvis Presley - Good Rockin' Tonight
A2 - Elvis Presley - My Baby Is Gone
A3 - Elvis Presley - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
A4 - Elvis Presley - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
A5 - Elvis Presley - I'll Never Let You Go Little Darlin'
A6 - Elvis Presley - Mystery Train
A7 - Elvis Presley - I Forgot To Remember To Forget
B1 - Jerry Lee Lewis & George Klein - The Return Of Jerry Lee
B2 - Pee Wee Trahan - Keepin' All Lovin'
B3 - Jerry Lee Lewis - Milk Shake Mademoiselle
B4 - Studio Discussion With Jerry Lee, Sam Phillips, Billy Riley, James Van Eaton
B5 - Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire
B6 - Billy Lee Riley - Rock With Me Baby
B7 - Billy Lee Riley - Trouble Bound

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

8 commentaires:

Marty a dit…

thanks for this posting...I have been looking for this album for many years

Anonyme a dit…

thanks a lot could you Post it in Wav ?

Gros Bite

Mister Moon a dit…

Speechless... I agree with Marty. I got the all-Elvis reissue in the mid-80s, which is a great (sounding) record in its own right. But I never got around to purchase this LEGENDARY album. A well-known record dealer ripped me off on it - "it must have been lost on the mail"... Those were the days. Thanks a lot!.

Searnav a dit…

This was the first bootleg LP that I ever bought...centuries ago.

bopcat a dit…

thank you uncle gil for these wonderful records. do you have other bopcat label albums? thanks again!!

JeffreyPrevaas a dit…

Can you please upload this lp again,love this lp.

alan kirwan a dit…

Thanks for this. I have this great album in my collection for
many years.nice to have it on mp3.thanks for all you do.

Leopard Man a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil,
There are some photos of Elvis in front of the Prince de Galles Hotel in Paris in 1959, where he is seen signing records for fans, and there is a guy in black leather jacket beside him in all the photos. Do you happen to know his name ?
Thanks in advance.