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mercredi 21 septembre 2016

Shake A Leg

A1 - I Would If I Could
A2 - Patch Up Our Old Love Affair
A3 - This Heart Is Not For Sale
A4 - Let Me Hold Your Little Hand
A5 - Shake A Leg
A6 - Love Love Love
A7 - Something Different
A8 - True Love
B1 - Bargain Day, Half Off
B2 - Nine Have Tried
B3 - It’s Bedtime Bill
B4 - Tain’t Nice To Talk Like That
B5 - Unpucker
B6 - Moody’s Goose
B7 - Teletouch
B8 - My Happiness Belongs To Someone Else

Vinyl rip and pics by So Rockabilly

2 commentaires:

LoFi Larry a dit…

Is this one worth a re-up? The cover has grabbed my interest - with the poor photocopy, typewriter text and cut-&-paste post-up pieces it almost looks like an old punk rock private pressing from the early 80's!

LoFi Larry a dit…

Wow that was fast, thanks Uncle! A great record too, there's some nice hillbilly rockers on here, thanks again.