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mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Rise And Shine


Surprisingly, two LP's were published in Italy in 1982 bringing together the "Al Cortez sessions" (Music Mill Studio, Muscle Shoals, Alabama) minus one track ... here they are:

A1 - Every Road
A2 - Daddy Sang Bass
A3 - I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again
A4 - Sundays Are Fun Days With My Lord
A5 - Mama
A6 - I Don't Like What I'm Seeing In You
B1 - Hallelujah Special
B2 - Sweeter Than Candy
B3 - This Old House
B4 - Rise And Shine
B5 - Sing A Song With Me
B6 - What Am I Living For

A1 - (When You Are) Twenty One
A2 - Disciple In Blue Suede Shoes
A3 - The Hurt Put On By You
A4 - I Can Feel It
A5 - Take Me Back
A6 - Standing In The Need Of Love
A7 - Born To Boogie
B1 - We Did In '54
B2 - Georgia Court Room
B3 - Don't Get Off Gettin' It On With Me
B4 - Country Soul
B5 - Redneck
B6 - Old Time Religion

Bonus Track - I Want You Back Again


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