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samedi 10 septembre 2016

No More, No More, No More


Arlie Duff - Courtin' In the Rain
Arlie Duff - Do You Really Do
Arlie Duff - It'll Be Alright
Arlie Duff - She's A Housewife, That's All
Arlie Duff - Y'All Come
Billy Walker - Anything Your Heart Desires
Billy Walker - I Can't Keep The Girls Away
Billy Walker - I'd Be Kissing You
Billy Walker - I'm A Fool To Care
Billy Walker - Pretend You Just Don't Know Me
Billy Walker - Somebody's Talking
Billy Walker - Thank You For Calling
Billy Walker - You're The Only Good Thing (That's Happened To Me)
Bobby Lord - Ain'tcha Ever Gonna
Bobby Lord - I'm The Devil Who Made Her That Way
Bobby Lord - No More, No More, No More
Chuck Bowers - Beehive Boogie
Chuck Bowers - Milk 'Em In The Morning Blues
Chuck Bowers - Tokyo Boogie
Ferlin Husky - Homesick
Ferlin Husky - I Wouldn't Treat A Dog Like You're Treating Me
Ferlin Husky - Simon Crum Imitations
Ferlin Husky - Walkin' And Hummin'

Ripped from old cassette tapes. Posted by Stampede
Thanks to original uploader.
Home made cover.

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