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samedi 17 septembre 2016

I Ain't Going Honky-Tonkin' Anymore

A1 - I Recall A Gypsy Woman
A2 - Minglewood Blues
A3 - Mean Mama Blues
A4 - Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road
A5 - My Creole Belle
B1 - Blue Railroad Train
B2 - Ain't Nobody Fault But Mine
B3 - Stone Wall (Around My Heart)
B4 - I Ain't Going Honky-Tonkin' Anymore
B5 - Broomstraw Philosophers And Scuppernong Wine

Vinyl rip

2 commentaires:

snakeboy a dit…

I'm trying to restock my Doc/Merle Watson vinyls. These posts are helpful filling in the music while I search for the originals. Thanks so much.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@snakeboy: I'm glad for you. I have some more in the can... Cheers!