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dimanche 4 septembre 2016

Classic !!!

A1 - Sonny Burgess - Going Home
A2 - Sonny Burgess - Fannie Brown
A3 - Ray Harris - Where'd You Stay Last Nite
A4 - Jack Earls - Sign On The Dotted Line
A5 - Jack Earls - Let's Bop
A6 - Mack Self & Charlie Feathers - Mad At You
A7 - Malcolm Yelvington - It's Me Baby
A8 - Malcolm Yelvington - Yakety Yak
B1 - Carl Perkins - Pink Pedal Pushers
B2 - Carl Perkins - You Can Do No Wrong
B3 - Edwin Bruce - Sweet Woman
B4 - Ray Smith - Right Behind You Baby
B5 - Johnny Carroll - That's The Way I Love
B6 - Carl McVoy - Tootsie
B7 - Eddie Bond - Rockin' Daddy
B8 - The Jesters - Cadillac Man

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Ricardo Alpendre a dit…

This is the post of all the posts! Well, alright, I'm exxagerating a little bit, but it is certainly one of the greatest post from the greatest blog! Have you noticed that the alternate take of "Caddilac Man" on this album is not only very different than the single release, but also quite different than the alternate released in The Jesters' Big Beat CD? For me, the one that appears only in this LP is the best take, complete with cool backing vocals! The album came out in Brazil back in the 80s, but mastered in the wrong speed, well below the right one, and that was a shame since it was in "Cadillac Man" that the low speed affects music the most. I still have the Brazilian pressing, anyway, but from now on I'll only listen to the album from your vinyl rip. Thanks a lot, UG!