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dimanche 4 septembre 2016


A1 - Jimmy Newman - Carry On
A2 - Jimmy Newman - Bop-A-Hula
A3 - Jimmy Newman - Whatcha Gonna Do
A4 - Jimmy Newman - Making Believe
A5 - Jimmy Newman - Please Accept My Love
A6 - Jimmy Newman - Step Beside Shallow Water
A7 - Jimmy Newman - A Sweet Kind Of Love
A8 - Jimmy Newman - With Tears In My Eyes
B1 - Johnny Strickland - She's Mine
B2 - Johnny Strickland - You Got What It Takes
B3 - Johnny Strickland - Sweet Talkin' Baby
B4 - Johnny Strickland - My Truly True Love
B5 - Johnny Strickland - Don't Leave Me Lonely
B6 - Johnny Strickland - I've Heard That Line Before
B7 - Johnny Strickland - That's My Baby
B8 - Johnny Strickland - Fool's Hall Of Fame

Posted by Stampede

2 commentaires:

Apes Ville a dit…

Ooops typo its Johnnie Strickland NOT Johnny

also Tht's My Baby = That's Baby

Ths Jimmy newman LP tracks are off https://www.discogs.com/Jimmy-C-Newman-This-Is-Jimmy-Newman/release/5647053

Uncle Gil a dit…

You're right Apes Ville ! I refer to the cover (for other hand, see label), but I'm sure that everybody has corrected in his mind.