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mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Blue Ridge Express

A1 - Whisperin' George
A2 - Dear Old Dixie
A3 - Blackberry Blossom
A4 - Darcy Farrow
A5 - Durang's Hornpipe
A6 - Banjo Boy Chimes
B1 - Sally Johnson
B2 - Sleepy Eyed John
B3 - Blue Ridge Express
B4 - Sail Away Ladies
B5 - Doc's Riverboat Reel
B6 - Beat The Heat
B7 - Remember Me

Vinyl rip

3 commentaires:

Searnav a dit…

Thanks again Unca.

sambgodot a dit…

Thanks for this. Do you or your friends have Alan Munde Festival Favourites (South West Sessions) and Festival Favourites (Nashville Sessions) both issued early 80s? As far as I know never on CD though there is a compilation CD which includes tracks also from the other 2 Festival Favourites LPs

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi sambgodot: Sorry. These albums are not on our shelves.