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dimanche 18 septembre 2016

Bear Creek Hop

A1 - Bennie Hess & His Nation Playboys - Bennie Hess Boogie
A2 - Bennie Hess & His Nation Playboys - Drink-Drink-Drink
A3 - Seven Rowe Brothers - Birthday Cake
A4 - Seven Rowe Brothers - Spring Boogie Blues
A5 - Weldon Rogers - Please Return My Broken Heart
A6 - Sally Lee - Table Toppin' Blues
A7 - Slim Willet Withe Brush Cutters - Hadacol Corners
A8 - The Texas Wranglers - Steel Guitar Rag
A9 - Keith Loyd & The Sons Of The Golden West - Get That Chip Off Your Shoulder
B1 - Gabe Tucker & His Sky Riders - Quit Draggin' Your Feet
B2 - Carroll Free & The Brushcutters - The Wreck Of The Old Number Nine
B3 - Earl Montgomery Wshorty Underwood & The Brushcutters - You Played Me For A Fool
B4 - Martha Lynn - Goin' Hunting Tonight
B5 - Bennie Hess & His Nation Playboys - I'm A One Woman Man
B6 - The Texas Top Hands - Bear Creek Hop
B7 - Aubrey Gass - Columbus Stockade Blues
B8 - Aubrey Gass - Walkin' Out Of Town (With The Blues)
B9 - Aubrey Gass - Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

Vinyl rip by "1". Covers and labels scans by bopping.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil,

The series jumped from Vol 4 to Vol 10 ?
Will the missing Vols be posted ?......great LPs !!!


Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Anonyme: Sadly, our friend bopping don't have the complete series, so we are unable to post HQ artwork.
We use, for the majority, the .mp3 files of Gyro1966 who have uploaded some years ago the whole series at TwilightZone.
We'll trying to provide all the albums in a near future...