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samedi 3 septembre 2016

Answer Your Telephone

A1 - Washmachine Boogie
A2 - Answer Your Telephone
A3 - Sinful Woman
A4 - Love Left Over
A5 - Borned With The Blues
A6 - Ramblin' Man
B1 - Don't Push Don't Shove
B2 - Down In The Holler Where Sally Lives
B3 - Breaking Hearts
B4 - Gonna Be A Fire
B5 - Dark Hollow
B6 - Hula Rock

Vinyl rip and scans by rico

3 commentaires:

MANUEL a dit…

can you reup the link of this record, please. Thank you for your great work

Timo Runne a dit…

Hi and thanks for your Rockin` Böog

Do you have whole Esoldun LP serie??

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Timo Runne: I don't know if I have the complete series, but I have copies of LP's from 2001 to 2025. I will see if they are complete with good sound and artwork. Hope and see :))