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dimanche 7 août 2016

Knee Deep

A1 - I'm A Nut
A2 - Knee Deep
A3 - Out In The Smokehouse Takin' A Bath
A4 - The Taterville Women's Auxilliary Sewing Circle
A5 - Gypsy Rose And I Don't Give A Curse
A6 - Meter Maid
A7 - What's His Name
A8 - I Love You Drops
B1 - Swimming At The Bottom Of The Pool
B2 - I-Done You Wrong Song
B3 - Tickled Pink
B4 - Okeefenokee
B5 - Billy Roy And Jackson Sam
B6 - Yellow
B7 - S-Tree Towers
B8 - World (What Have I Done)

Vinyl rip.

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thanx uncle gil