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dimanche 14 août 2016

Howlin' Tomcat

A1. Jackie Brenston - Rocket '88'
A2. Doctor Ross - Country Clown
A3. Doctor Ross - Doctor Ross Boogie
A4. Willie Nix - Truckin' Little Woman
A5. Willie Nix - Just One Mistake
A6. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - Open Your Book
A7. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - Tears In My Eyes
B1. Woodrow Adams - Pretty Baby Blues
B2. Woodrow Adams - She's Done Come And Gone
B3. Joe Hill Louis - Dorothy Mae
B4. Joe Hill Louis - When I Am Gone
B5. Harmonica Frank - Swamp Root
B6. Harmonica Frank - Howlin' Tomcat
B7. Harmonica Frank - She Done Moved

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping

2 commentaires:

Sam shermansam a dit…


Looks like a good collection. Strangely, the link for Disc 3 is dead. Can you please re-post?


Uncle Gil a dit…

Really strange...
Thanks for the comment.
Link updated !