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jeudi 14 juillet 2016

Rockin' Bandit

A01 - You Made A Hit
A02 - Why Why Why
A03 - Rockin' Bandit
A04 - So Young
A05 - Right Behind You Baby
A06 - Sail Away
A07 - Candy Doll
A08 - Let Yourself Go
A09 - Johnny The Hummer
A10 - Did We Have A Party
B01 - Rockin' Little Angel
B02 - Rebound
B03 - Makes Me Feel Good
B04 - That's All Right
B05 - Little Miss Blue
B06 - Blond Hair, Blue Eyes
B07 - Put Your Arms Around Me
B08 - Robin' The Cradle
B09 - Nice Guy
B10 - Rockin' Robin

Vinyl rip. Artwork.


3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour le Ray Smith. g2NIAL;

Anonyme a dit…

thanks uncle gil. i remember as a teenager ( long time a go )buying rocking little angel and not knowing ray smith made other songs . thanks for informing me. keith

charles a dit…

Thanks for the Ray Smith.