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mardi 19 juillet 2016


A1 - Guitar Playin' Son Of A Gun (Unissued)
A2 - Why Worry (Vincent)
A3 - I'm Gonna Get Ya (Unissued)
A4 - London Fog (Instr) (Unissued)
A5 - C'mon Baby
A6 - Maybe Someday (Ray-o)
A7 - Rockin' (Instr) (Ray-o)
B1 - Shig-A-Shag (Spangle)
B2 - Spooky Village (Instr) (Unissued)
B3 - Baby, What's Wrong With You (Unissued)
B4 - Rock-A-Sock-A-Hop (Prism)
B5 - I Keep Hearing Rumors (Unissued)
B6 - J.C.'s Boogie (Instr)

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Joseph a dit…

Hello Mr Gil,
Can you please create a new link for this album? Many thanks for all you do.

Joseph a dit…

Thank you so much, and so fast !