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samedi 30 juillet 2016

Mamou Hot Step

A1. Balfa Brothers - Acadian Two-Step
A2. Balfa Brothers - (Vocal Rodney) - Waltz Of The Big Woods
A3. Balfa Brothers (Vocal Nathan & Group) - I Passed In Front Of Your Door
A4. Balfa Brothers (Vocals Nathan & Dewey) - Pine Grove Blues
A5. Balfa Brothers (Vocal Rodney) - The Windows Of Basile
A6. Balfa Brothers - Lacassine Special
B1. Ardoin Brothers - My Hat
B2. Ardoin Brothers - Sunday Afternoon
B3. Ardoin Brothers - Johnny Can't Dance
B4. Ardoin Brothers (Vocal Henry) - The Prison Bars
B5. Ardoin Brothers - At The End Of My Road
B6. Ardoin Brothers - Mamou Hot Step

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping

2 commentaires:

BobCat a dit…

Thank you for this rare LP. Here's another Ardoin/Balfa album:


Uncle Gil a dit…

@ BobCat : Thank you very much for your participation.