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jeudi 4 janvier 2018

Blue House Painted White

A1 - Bottom Of The Bottle
A2 - Leave The Door Open
A3 - Patches On My Heart
A4 - Blue House Painted White
A5 - And Then Some
A6 - Bricks And Mortar
A7 - Devil's Disciple
A8 - I'm Losing My Mind
B1 - Where No One Else Is Allowed
B2 - Take A Good Look
B3 - Never Never Land
B4 - I Just Slipped Your Mind
B5 - Must I Leave It There
B6 - Room Next To Mine
B7 - Penny Love
B8 - Little Car Draggin' The Shoes

Tracks from different sources.
Home made cover.

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

sony burn: note ls,link done, so,pls re-post, ok pls?Tks

JohnnyDiego a dit…

A great collection! Thank you, Uncle Gil. And thanks for including Praguefrank's listings, it saves me some steps in tagging.

Anonyme a dit…

Love this collection, but could you repost it? Thanks!

teddy cat baz a dit…

cheers uncle gil

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Uncle,

Can You, Please, Make a RE-UP (SONNY BURNS –DEVIL'S DISCIPLE 1959-1964 – HMC) ?

Regards and Happy New Year !