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samedi 9 juillet 2016

Big Deal

A01 - That's What I Got For Loving You
A02 - I Oughta Bust Out And Love You
A03 - Easy Going Kisses
A04 - Stingy
A05 - The Spider And The Fly
A06 - Daddy Why
A07 - You Were Just A Kid
A08 - Brown Bottle Blues
A09 - Wheel Of Fortune
A10 - Your Love Was Like The Weather
B01 - Kiamish Choctow Rose
B02 - The Sweetest Fall Of All
B03 - Bouncing Heart
B04 - I'll Drown In My Tears
B05 - Honey Baby
B06 - Big Deal
B07 - Don't Check Out On Me (Unissued)
B08 - The Right Key (Unissued)
B09 - Big Wheel
B10 - Not Hear This

Home made compilation with the help of bopping

3 commentaires:

rockin-djames a dit…

HI Uncle gil

Merci beaucoup pour ces hmc,contrairement a certain je trouve le concept fabuleux et avec le traitement effectué par des collectionneurs avertis comme toi ou bopping xavier.

Keep on doing your great work, et bonne journée.


Duke Ellington a dit…

Do you still have the T Texas Tyler Bopping Favorites album I need the cover photo,

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Duke Ellington: My H(ome) M(ade) C(omp) will be posted today.
No confusion with the Collector CLCD 2855 Bopping Hillbilly Series ?