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mardi 7 juin 2016

Hit And Run

01 - Give Me A Hundred Reasons
02 - I Believe You, Baby (3)
03 - It Isn't Any Wonder (That I Love You)
04 - Baby Sitter's Blues
05 - (I'd Like To Play) Post Office
06 - Give Me Liberty (Or Give Me True Love)
07 - Bloodshot Eyes
08 - I Wish We Could Try All Over Again
09 - Doin' Fine
10 - You Got To See Mama Ev'ry Night
11 - Let The Love Bug Bite
12 - I Start Each Day By Loving You
13 - You've Got The Right Of Way
14 - He May Be Your Man
15 - Kind Of Love I'm Cravin'
16 - Steppin' Out With My Shadow
17 - My Heart Can't Say Goodbye
18 - Get Up And Go
19 - Hit And Run
20 - Goodbye And Good Luck
21 - As Long As There's A Tomorrow
22 - You Keep Leavin' Me
23 - To Know You Is To Love You
24 - Blue Jean Baby
25 - Pieces Of My Heart
26 - Let Me Love You
27 - Jack Rabbit
28 - How Can I Win You
29 - Love That Man
30 - Never Again
31 - I Gotta Walk
32 - Another Woman Haunts My Life

Thanks to The HBR Mag. Team and Wurlitzer1900

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Where's the link to it?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Always on the title. Why ?

Hit Parade a dit…

Uncle Gil.

Could you or someone else please help with a more complete biography for Ann Jones?

I could only find the following items on the internet:

Ann Jones and her Sweethearts was probably the first all girl band in C & W music. She started recording for the Capitol Records people in 1949, but it wasn't until her change to KING Records in 1951 until she realized her all girl band. However, during her recording sessions she basically used top musicians from

Cincinnati and Hollywood. The list includes Louis Innis, Speedy West, Billy Liebert, Smokey Rogers, Joe Maphis, Marian Hall, Harold Hensley and several more.

Ann Jones was a very popular and prolific Western vocalist (called the "Kate Smith of the West"!) who had a long career as a singer, bandleader and radio host - and apparently was a WWII-era softball star as well, returning to music in 1947. In the early 50s she formed an all-girl Western Swing band, her "Western Sweethearts" and toured with them through many lineup changes into the 1970s.

Thank you :-)

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Hit Parade: nothing better on my side...

Jon a dit…

I could find no other info either. Great music, though. Thanks!

Anonyme a dit…

Her band played primarily in the western US. I know of 3 original LPs: 2 on Audiolab consisting of her King material and a third called "Both Ends Of The Candle" from the 1970s. I'm not sure, but the latter LP may have been a live recording done at "Cactus Pete's" casino in Jackpot, Nevada, near the Idaho state line.

In addition to Speedy West and Marian Hall, she also recorded with steel players Jerry Byrd and Joaquin Murphey.

The female steel player in her band, Blanche Emerson aka Blanche White was still alive and active in Tucson Arizona as of 3 or 4 years ago.