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vendredi 10 juin 2016

For Now And Always

01 - Hey Joe (Lead Vocal: Jerry Jericho)
02 - Don't Throw Your Life Away (Lead Vocal: Rocky Bill Ford)
03 - Trademark (Lead Vocal Uncredited)
04 - Crying In The Chapel (Lead Vocal: Jerry Jericho)
05 - Spanish Fireball (Lead Vocal Uncredited)
06 - A Message From The Tradewinds (Lead Vocal: Rocky Bill Ford)
07 - Free Home Demonstration (Lead Vocal: Jerry Jericho)
08 - I Won't Be Home No More (Lead Vocal: Rocky Bill Ford)
09 - Darling Am I The One (Lead Vocal: Jerry Jericho)
10 - Take These Chains (Lead Vocal: Rocky Bill Ford)
11 - Yesterday's Girl (Lead Vocal: Jerry Jericho)
12 - For Now And Always (Lead Vocal Uncredited)

Thanks to Wurlitzer1900 for the rips and to be the first who shared this collection on line many moons ago.
The visuals are not the original ones. They are homemade

This is the last volume of this series. First of all, our gratitude goes to the defunct Hillbilly Researcher Magazine and his team of experts : Tricker, Turner and Sax.

From RollCall - Coll. Bernard Boyat

10 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

And thanks to you and everyone else connected to this terrific series for sharing it. Wonderful stuff.

Derik a dit…

I would love to read that fanzine, if you have scans of any of it. Thanks.

Is the person who does the current Hillbilly Researcher blog affiliated with that fanzine? I'm so confused.

Hyde a dit…

amazing series, thanks!

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Derik: No doubt that the person who does the HR blog was affiliated with the magazine...

Marjon a dit…

Could someone please upload this again?

Big THX in advance.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Marjon: Be patient. I'm on the way to upload ALL the albums of this series. This one will be the last one.

Michael a dit…

Thank you so much for completing this wonderful series. And thanks to Wurlitzer1900 and everyone involved in putting it together.

Jon a dit…


JohnnyDiego a dit…

This whole HR trip has been a thrill. Thank you, Uncle.

LoFi Larry a dit…

I've been enjoying these so much that it never dawned on me they would end one day. Big thanks Uncle & Wurl for the spectacular hillbilly treasure chest.