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vendredi 17 juin 2016


01 - Young School Girl (6-14-58)
02 - I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Some Day (6-14-58)
03 - How Can I Be Happy (6-14-58)
04 - Lazy Woman (7-25-58)
05 - Isle Of Capri (8-15-58)
06 - Coquette (8-15-58)
07 - Once In While (8-15-58)
08 - The Sheik Of Araby (8-15-58)
09 - Whole Lotta Loving (9-23-58)
10 - I Miss You (9-23-58)
11 - Margie (9-23-58)
12 - I'll Always Be In Love With You (9-23-58)
13 - If You Need Me (10-30-58)
14 - Hands Across The Table (10-30-58)
15 - So Glad (10-30-58)
16 - Darktown Strutters's Ball (10-30-58)
17 - Margie (10-30-58)
18 - The Sheik Of Araby (10-30-58)
19 - My Heart Is Bleeding (11-4-58)
20 - I Hear You Knocking (11-4-58)
21 - Lil' Liza Jane (11-4-58)
22 - Every Night (11-4-58)
23 - When The Saints Go Marching In (11-4-58)
24 - Country Boy (11-4-58)

Found somewhere on the clouds. Thanks to original uploader.
Most of all, thanks to Gilles Pétard for have produced this series and Dave Penny for the biographical researches.
If you like it, if you find it, buy it ! …

That's the last volume of this series I have in the can…

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sunman a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil!

Ziva a dit…

Thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

Great series, thank you.


JohnnyDiego a dit…

Wow! What a great series with lots of stuff that I never heard of. You topped yourself with this one, Uncle.

standa-hank a dit…

Hi Uncle, I like this blog and the Blues & Rhythm Series was great !!! Many thanks !!!

Bob Mac a dit…

Many thanks, its been a great series, I've d/l each and every one. Thanks again.


Jeff Ridinger a dit…

Impressive! A gift that kept on giving. Thanks.

John of 58 a dit…

Great serie. Thank Uncle Gil.


Cliff a dit…

Uncle Gil,

Thanks for all of your hard work in publishing this great series.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for all! Good stuff!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci!!! Roberto

Anonyme a dit…

Incredible series!!!!

Thanks so much for all of these.

Very much appreciated.

rm a dit…

merci beaucoup

Anonyme a dit…

If I ain't wrong, BRCC-5003 & BRCC-5018 are missing.

Found somewhere on the clouds
Gonna check for more missing, if any.

Nobody knows you, when you're down and out.

Anonyme a dit…

BRCC-5092 & BRCC-5101

Found somewhere on the clouds

Nobody knows you, when you're down and out.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Anonyme: Thank you for these new ups. Some of these albums are still available.

moose327 a dit…

Thanks for all your hard work putting these together

Christophe a dit…

A very big thanks for this serie. I rediscover Fats and it's great !

teddy cat baz a dit…

thanx uncle gil

big50s a dit…

Bigger than world,best R&B culture,thanks very much.