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dimanche 12 juin 2016

Blues Rock

01 - Papa Ain't Salty
02 - Why Not
03 - T-Bone Shuffle
04 - Play On Little Girl
05 - T-Bone Blues Special
06 - Mean Old World
07 - T-Bone Blues
08 - Stormy Monday Blues
09 - Blues For Marili
10 - Evenin'
11 - Blues Rock
12 - Two Bones And A Pick
13 - You Don't Know What You're Doing
14 - How Long Blues
15 - Shufflin' The Blues

Found somewhere on the clouds. Thanks to original uploader.
Most of all, thanks to Gilles Pétard for have produced this series and Dave Penny for the biographical researches.
If you like it, if you find it, buy it ! …

9 commentaires:

sunman a dit…

Are there more surprises in store from the Blues & Rhythm Series?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ sunman: just a few...

Mistress M a dit…

Is the 2000 series completed? So great to listen to this music! Thank you!

Sun Ira a dit…

I'm another fan who is really enjoying this series. Thanks so much - merci beaucoup. I don't know all the discography. What happens after 5189?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Here's THE STORY of this series :

Sun Ira a dit…


Clarence E. Jones III a dit…

Thank you Uncle Gil! Any additions to the Blues & Rhythm Series are most welcome.

Dirk Bill a dit…

Love this series so much! But this file has expired... could you re-post this if possible?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Dirk Bill: Everyday I repost this series volume after volume. Please be patient...