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dimanche 22 mai 2016

Roll, Rattler, Roll

01 - Zeke & Red - The World Would Be A Better Place If It Was A Farm
02 - Al Rogers - Workin' Man's Blues
03 - Geer Sisters - Unloved And Acclaimed
04 - May Hawk - Pastime Girl
05 - Cecil Luna - That's Why I Cry
06 - Jack Tucker - Stark, Staring Madly In Love (With You)
07 - Phyllis & Billy Holmes - Life's Railway To Heaven
08 - Maybelle Seiger - Unwanted
09 - Al Rogers - I Ain't Spoken Fer
10 - Dalton Boys - Roll, Rattler, Roll
11 - Phyllis & Billy Holmes - Three Little Kisses
12 - Jim Hall - I Wish I Had Trusted Jesus
13 - Cecil Luna - Please Believe Me
14 - Bonnie Owens - Take Me
15 - Al Rogers - The Hydrogen Bomb
16 - Geer Sisters - Menu Love
17 - Maybelle Seiger - The Kindest Old Daddy
18 - Dalton Boys - Just Like Me
19 - Jim Hall - Station G.O.D.
20 - May Hawk - Don't Let Them See My Face
21 - Phyllis & Billy Holmes - That Is The Making Of Love
22 - Jack Tucker - First On Your List
23 - Bonnie Owens - I Traded My Heart For His Gold
24 - Al Rogers - The Mirror 'Cross The Bar
25 - Phyllis & Billy Holmes - Are You Facing The World All Alone
26 - Zeke & Red - Get Your Dad Burn Fingers Offa Me

Thanks to The HBR Mag. Team and Wurlitzer1900

5 commentaires:

Brian Page a dit…

Thank you, but is there a problem with the 3 three songs (some glitches)?

Brian Page a dit…

I meant to say the last 3 songs...

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Brian Page: I think it's from your side. I just download the file, listen carefully to last three songs:. No glitches...
Is anybody has the same problem as Brian?

Armin a dit…

Yes, Brian has right. The same "errors" on the last 3 tracks I hear here too. I already noticed it when you, Uncle Gil, posted this serie the first time some long time ago. It surely is NOT YOUR mistake, but a burning problem or a ripping problem from the original HBR-CDs.

I think we can live with this, the music on this serie is "exceptionnel et rare".

Merci beaucoup pour votre travail ici

Uncle Gil a dit…

I have just dug up the initial backup. Some defects on the last three tracks appear to it. It's possible that it's due to the bad state of the original records. Sorry, I do not have better...
Thanks for your comment !