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jeudi 19 mai 2016

Rock Around The Clock

A1 - Ray Coleman - Jukebox Rock'n'Roll
A2 - Bill Moss - You Look Like Something That The Cat Drug In
A3 - Rusty Wellington - Ducktail
A4 - The Kingsmen - It Should've Been Me
A5 - Jesse Rogers - Jump Cats Jump
A6 - Jimmy Collett - Four Alarm Boogie
A7 - Rusty Wellington - Rockin' The Blues
A8 - The Highlighters - Hot To Trot
B1 - Bill Moss - Rockabilly Hop
B2 - Rusty Wellington - Rock'n'Roll Ruby
B3 - Curly Herdman - Buck Fever Boogie
B4 - Sonny Dae & His Knights - Rock Around The Clock
B5 - Ray Coleman - Everybody's Rockin' Tonight
B6 - Jimmy Collett - Beetle Bug Boogie
B7 - Al Rex - Hydrogen Bomb
B8 - Chuck Hess - Chuck's Boogie

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

thanks uncle gil. there is so much rockabilly made in the past it will take a life time to hear it all.thank for going to the trouble . keith

Mister Moon a dit…

Thanks for another great comp, Uncle Gil.
A question : scrolling down this page, among the many great LP sleeves, I see one of the LP´s from the old Charly Jerry Lee box set, but can´t find it within the older posts.
Have you ever uploaded this one? Could you please reupload it?
Thanks a million!

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ keith: Thanks!!!

@Mister Moon. The boxset was posted some years ago. The blog start in 2006 and I made many households since ...
I will try to repost this boxset which still contains alternative versions unpublished on CD.

Mister Moon a dit…

Thanks a lot!

edison61 a dit…