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mardi 17 mai 2016

R.I.P. Guy Clark

R.I.P. Guy Clark

A1 - Texas Cookin'
A2 - Anyhow, I Love You
A3 - Virginia's Real
A4 - It's About Time
A5 - Good To Love You Lady
B1 - Broken Hearted People
B2 - Black Haired Boy
B3 - Me I'm Feelin' The Same
B4 - The Ballad Of Laverne And Captain Flint
B5 - The Last Gunfighter Ballad

Vinyl rip

2 commentaires:

Timmy a dit…

A great singer & songcrafter. Will be missed. THANX.

Clarence E. Jones III a dit…

Thank you Unc. He was one of a kind.