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dimanche 8 mai 2016

R.I.P. Candye !!!

01. You Need A Great Big Woman          
02. I'll Make It Right                   
03. For Your Love            
04. Sharktown                 
05. Babylon Boogie          
06. Please Tell Me A Lie              
07. I Didn't Listen To My Heart              
08. I'm Not Gonna Cry Today                
09. I Put A Hex On You               
10. Dance Hall Girls           
11. What Happened To The Girl I Met Here                
12. Superhero                  
13. She Wore A Red Carnation               
14. I Got A Secret            
15. It Should Be Rainin'               
16. Love 'Em And Forgive 'Em               
17. I Could Fall For You              
18. Gifted In The Ways Of Love            
19. I'm The Toughest Girl Alive              
20. Some Lazy Afternoon

Found on the net. Posted by Stampede

3 commentaires:

Doug a dit…

I guess this is not a great surprise.She obviously fought a great fight.RIP Candye.

Anonyme a dit…

She was a huge talent and a heck of a nice person. She will be missed.


Racati a dit…

Pour moi, une très très grande artiste disparue bien trop tôt.
RIP Candye.