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dimanche 17 avril 2016

Queen Of The Saddle

01 - Las Vegas, Nevada
02 - My Baby Buckaroo
03 - Such A Beautiful Evening
04 - 32, Riverside Drive
05 - All I Am Asking Is Sympathy
06 - Sun Sets Gold
07 - Now I Know
08 - She's Dynamite In Blue Jeans
09 - I'll Go On All Alone
10 - Sad But True
11 - Mope Along
12 - Dimples Or Dumplings
13 - This Is Southland
14 - Storeroom In My Mind
15 - T-U-Tucky-Ty
16 - BLue Light Boogie
17 - Tennessee Moon
18 - Song Of The Lonesome Prairie
19 - Queen Of The Saddle
20 - I Love Susie
21 - I Was Sorta Wonderin'
22 - Older And Bolder
23 - And I Shook
24 - Beautiful Arkansas
25 - New Panhandle Rag
26 - Just Like Two Drops Of Water
27 - Trouble Then Satisfaction
Thanks to Wurlitzer1900

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SWingB a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil (and Wurlitzer too!) for the Les Anderson collection! Les was quite a talent and was such a kind and humble soul. He never thought he was bigger than his britches and always under estimated his own talents as a singer, songwriter and steel guitarist. He was a legend and the music of Wills and Cooley etc would have never been the same w/o him and the entire realm of WS would have missed out on a lot of great music had he not recorded his own music. He didn't think he was all that as a steel player and told me so when I met him. I told him 'This Is Southland' was a steel guitar standard and he just said, "Oh, pshaw!" All of his contemps would tell him they couldn't play it as well as he did ie McAuliffe, Boggs, Murphey, Remington, Bowman, Koefer, West etc all agree... Take it away Brother Les!

Jon a dit…


Michael a dit…

Thanks for this!