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samedi 23 avril 2016

Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me

A1 - That Dapple Grey Bronco Of Mine
A2 - The Newboy's Message
A3 - Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo
A4 - Sunny Australian Sweetheart
A5 - Bushland Paradise
A6 - Over Hilltop And Hollow
A7 - The Snowy Mountains
A8 - I've Been Around
B1 - Where The White Faced Cattle Roam
B2 - The Train Driver's Song
B3 - Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me
B4 - Jaracanda Blue
B5 - The Land Where Whitey's Gone
B6 - The Mighty Moonbi Range
B7 - The Condamine Bell
B8 - The Happiest Days Of My Life

Found on the bush. Posted by olehank
Home made covers.
Kangaroos stole the original ones.

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