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dimanche 17 avril 2016

C'mon Everybody

For the completists
A1 - Tired & Sleepy
A2 - Fool's Paradise
A3 - Mr Fiddle
A4 - Two Blue Singin' Stars
A5 - Gulty Conscience
A6 - Your Tomorrow Never Come
A7 - Guybo
A8 - Strollin' Guitar
B1 - Skinny Jim
B2 - Half Loved
B3 - Annie Has A Party
B4 - So Fine, Be Mine
B5 - Cotton Picker (As Featured In The Movie)
B6 - What'd I Say
B7 - Milk Cow Blues
B8 - Hallelujah! I Love Her So
B9 - C'mon Everybody

Vinyl rip. Artwork

4 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

Again, a legendary record.
For completists, indeed.
A couple of tracks here have never been released elsewhere, I think.
Thanks again !!!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you what a great selection of Eddie Cochrane titles. A great Easter present!

Anonyme a dit…

44 ans apres,toujours dans nos coeurs,immortel eddie!

teddy cat baz a dit…

nice one uncle gil m8