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samedi 26 mars 2016

Tale Of The Arkansas Traveller

A1 - Davy Jones Locker - Jim Owens
A2 - Goodbye She's Gone - Walter Dixon
A3 - Slowly Dying - Walter Dixon
A4 - She Can't Stand The Light Of Day - Tex Dixon
A5 - Tale Of The Arkansas Traveller - Chuck Hutcheson
A6 - Rain Boy - Bruce Brakefield
A7 - I'm A Roadrunner - Chuck Hutcheson & The Arkansas Ambassasors
A8 - I Had To Let You Go - Tex Dixon
B1 - You'll Never Be Stranger To Me - Hoyt Johnson & The Four Recorders
B2 - How Can I Go - Chuck Raleigh with music by The Holland Brothers
B3 - Mind Full Of Memories - Tex Dixon
B4 - In Your Heart - Bruce Brakefield
B5 - I Bet You Didn't Know - Hoyt Johnson & The Four Recorders
B6 - I'm Askin', But I'm Not Gettin' - Lee Carzle with Bobby Mizzel & The Ke-Bows
B7 - I'm Sorry Now - Bud Deckleman
B8 - Got The Blues From Waiting - Merdell Floyd

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3 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

"I´m Sorry Now", by Bud Deckleman - what an absolutely beautiful record!! Thanks for this music, Uncle Gil.

Gyro1966 a dit…

I bought this excellent comp back when it came out. Thanks for sharing such excellent LPs with us.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Gyro1966: If I remember well, you post it on Twilightzone, isn't ?
I agree, very good comp !