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mardi 29 mars 2016

Pigtails And Blue Jeans

A1 - Hatti Malatti
A2 - The Strip
A3 - A Girl In Every City
A4 - Wake Up
A5 - Baldhead Baby
A6 - Upsetter
A7 - Mama Loochie
A8 - Upsetter Rock
B1 - Pigtails And Blue Jeans
B2 - So Tired
B3 - I'm Pleading Just For You
B4 - If You Don't Want Me No More
B5 - Time
B6 - My Darling
B7 - Baby Baby
B8 - I Don't Want To Lose Her

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

is this little richard's band?if so did they go solo without him? what year was this recorded? keith

Uncle Gil a dit…

This is the Little Richard's band. The tracks were recorded between 1957 to 1959 after Richard's departure "for the church" in october 1957... as I can read on the rear cover.

Anonyme a dit…

thanks uncle gil. i thought that was the case.my eye sight is not so good and i could not make out the writing on the sleeve but i thought that was little richard's photo. did he reunite with the band. keith

Stephen Bloomfield a dit…

Thank you

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks UG!

"Mailman Bring Me No More Blues"