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samedi 12 mai 2018

Minnie The Moocher

01 - Riley Crabtree - Meet Me At Joe's
02 - Riley Crabtree - Don't Turn Away From Me
03 - Al Dexter - Pistol Packin' Mama
04 - Tom Forse - I'm Gonna Tell Your Conscience On You
05 - Darla Daret - Honey Honey
06 - Paula Morgan - Only A Fool
07 - Paula Morgan - Someone To Love Me
08 - Galen Denny - What Ya Gonna Do
09 - Galen Denny - Gonna Build A Rocket
10 - Jay Johnston - Spilled Milk
11 - Jay Johnston - Walk A Dog
12 - Barry Martin - The Willies
13 - Barry Martin - Minnie The Moocher
14 - Buddy Lowe - It Happened To Me
15 - Bob Denton - Love Me, So I'll Know
16 - Bob Denton - I'm Sending You This Record
17 - Eddie Cochran - Blue Suede Shoes
18 - Eddie Cochran - Guybo
19 - Eddie Cochran - Half Loved (Take 2)
20 - Eddie Cochran - My Love To Remember
21 - Eddie Cochran - I Almost Lost My Mind (Without Overdubs)
22 - Eddie Cochran - C' Mon Everybody

Home made comp and covers

12 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

Thanks, Uncle Gil, for this very interesting compilation.

Some very rare tracks here.

Roll on Volume Two !

Anonyme a dit…

cette compilation est importante pour les jusqu'auboutistes cochraniens(j'invente de ces termes!)un vol.2 serait de bon aloi,non?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Wait and see... :))

M.R. a dit…

Thanks UncleGil!

Your Californian Pal!


Uncle Gil a dit…

Glad to hear from you my Sunny Californian Pal...

Anonyme a dit…

these "happy birthday" albums are SO GREAT.
Thank you Uncle Gil

rolo batres a dit…

thanks remember eddie cochran birthday, great rocker' man

tony casto a dit…

can you please but this back on please

tony casto a dit…


Searnav a dit…

Le lien vers l'Eddie Cochran info mène vers un site de paris en ligne.

frank tally a dit…

thank you Uncle 4 EDDIE COCHRAN nice one Aussie

Uncle Gil a dit…

@searnav: Merci. Le domaine a été abandonné par Antoon à ce que je vois...
Seul subsiste celui qui ne contient que des photos (avec un tiret)
Bon week-end à toi.