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samedi 5 mars 2016

I Like It

A01 - Good Rockin' Baby
A02 - Put Something In The Pot Boy
A03 - Drinkin' Wine Spoli-Oli
A04 - When My Baby Left Me
A05 - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
A06 - It's True, I'm Blue
A07 - Crazy Little Heart
A08 - Mama, I Want You
A09 - I Like It
A10 - But I Don't Care
B01 - Warmed Over Kisses, Left Over Love
B02 - What Have Ya Got To Lose
B03 - I've Got The Blues
B04 - Oobie Doobie
B05 - Booger Red
B06 - Twenty One
B07 - Sag, Drag And Fall
B08 - Blue Suede Shoes
B09 - Let' Er Roll
B10 - Purr, Kitty, Purr

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels + bonus pics

2 commentaires:

zephyr a dit…

Thank you very much Uncle Gil

Jon a dit…

Thanks tons!