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mercredi 2 mars 2016

Follow Me Back to Louisville

01 - Where Do We Go from Here
02 - Strawberry Fields
03 - Apartment No. 9
04 - Ruby Tuesday
05 - Always Something There to Remind Me
06 - Follow Me Back to Louisville
07 - On Her Way to Be a Woman
08 - Take My Hand for a While
09 - Long Walk from Childhood
10 - In My Life

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3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

The Lennon/McCartney songs are most definitely NOT Don Williams singing....unless he's been castrated' ?

Anonyme a dit…

This CD is basically identical to a CD called 'In My Life' by Don Williams & The Pozo Seco Singers that was issued in 2006. But the 'In My Life" CD lists cut #2 as being 'Just An Ordinary Day' and that is ACTUALLY what the cut listed as 'Strawberry Fields' on this CD is.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Thanks for these precisions...