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jeudi 24 mars 2016

Calamity Train

Some "Cash-a-like" tracks

A1 - Butterin' Up Biscuit
A2 - Retired Song
A3 - Bigfoot
A4 - Always Plenty Of Water
A5 - Calamity Train
A6 - I See Men As Trees Walking
B1 - Hillbilly Heart
B2 - Dump Truck Drivers
B3 - My Growing Up Years
B4 - To Many Taverns
B5 - Snoos Song

Posted by Howdy

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

What a GREAT share!! Thanks! Buzz appears on one of Johnny Cash's documentaries. He is in prison at that point and sings 'Butterin' Up Biscuit' to Johnny.

Howdy a dit…

I thought buzz was logging when that happened. I remembered reading he was killed while logging in Alaska.

magnetsandlasers a dit…

I interviewed Buzz's son for my radio program here in Oregon a few years ago. According to him, Buzz was hunting in Alaska and drowned when he tripped and fell into a stream.