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mercredi 9 mars 2016

A Lonesome Lefty's Gift


Hi Uncle,

I found this tape at a thrift store today and bought it because it was a VERY early example of a cassette on the Arc label. "The Golden Ring" is a generic name that Arc used for sound-alike albums, and I never paid these albums very much attention. I was surprised at two things, firstly how good this cassette sounded considering it's well over 40 years old (I wasn't even sure it would play at all), and that the tracks are actually by Stan Farlow, aka "Johnny Doe", and Dick Nolan. Arc pressed the Alshire "Johnny Doe" LPs in Canada, and of course the Nolan tracks are from the LP I sent you a few years back. However, the sound quality of this tape is unique, and I think you and your followers will enjoy this rip! The LP version of this album was issued in 1970, and my best estimate puts this cassette version somewhere 1970-1975....



01 - Stan Farlow (aka Johnny Doe) - A Boy Named Sue
02 - Stan Farlow (aka Johnny Doe) - The Best That I Can Do
03 - Stan Farlow (aka Johnny Doe) - If You Had My Eyes
04 - Stan Farlow (aka Johnny Doe) - Wreck Of The Old '97
05 - Stan Farlow (aka Johnny Doe) - Columbus Stockade Blues
06 - Dick Nolan - Folsom Prison Blues
07 - Dick Nolan - I Walk The Line
08 - Dick Nolan - Ring Of Fire
09 - Dick Nolan - Daddy Sang Bass
10 - Dick Nolan - I Got Stripes

Cassette Tape rip and scans by Lonesome Lefty

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