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vendredi 5 février 2016

Topeka Polka

A1. Dry And Dusty - Vocal Tex Williams
A2. Yearning (Spade Cooley) Instrumental
A3. 8th Of January (Spade Cooley) Instrumental
A4. Dry Your Eyes - Vocal Tex Williams
A5. Sweethearts Or Strangers - Vocal Tex Williams
A6. Ranger's Special Spade Cooley) Instrumental
A7. Three Way Boogie (Spade Cooley) Instrumental
B1. Devil's Dream (Spade Cooley)  Instrumental
B2. You Waited Too Long (Vocal Tex Williams)
B3. Topeka Polka (Spade Cooley)  Instrumental
B4. Worried Mind (Vocal  Tex Williams)
B5. Blond Fiddle Blues (Spade Cooley) Instrumental
B6. Time Changes Everything (Vocal Tex Williams)
B7. Riverside Blues (Spade Cooley) Instrumental

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping


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