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mardi 9 février 2016

Teenage Sweetie (Updated)

A1 - Mac Curtis & Ray Campi - Rollin' Rock Rock
A2 - Mac Curtis - How Long Will It Take
A3 - Sarah Harris - Hello Big Man
A4 - Sarah Harris - Accepting Applications
A5 - Cort Murray - The Way
A6 - Cort Murray - Rockabilly Lilly
B1 - Jimmie Lee Maslon - Something Smells Fishy
B2 - Jimmie Lee Maslon - Love Train
B3 - Jimmie Lee Maslon - Out Of My Head Back In My Bed
B4 - Tony Conn - Waukeen
B5 - Tony Conn - Workin' For The Bossman
B6 - Johnny Carroll - Teenage Sweetie

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

8 commentaires:

John The Punk a dit…

Do you have Sceamin' Scott Simon "Transmissions From Outer Space" that was released on the Rollin' Rock label?

Uncle Gil a dit…

I have just one track :

tiny a dit…

Cheers Uncle Gil , do you have the rest of this series ?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@tiny: I have only the first 16 LP's...

Anonyme a dit…

Could you reupload this one, too?

Thanks in advance!

LoFi Larry a dit…

Thanks for the Re-Up Uncle, it looks like this link is actually for Vol. 2

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ LoFiLarry : Ooops ! Senior moment :))

Anonyme a dit…

Many thanks!