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samedi 27 février 2016

Stranger Than Fiction

A1 - Bigger Men Than I (Have Cried)
A2 - (I 'm So) Sentimental
A3 - It's A Sin
A4 - Hardly Anymore
A5 - Running Scared
A6 - Still Loving You
A7 - If You Don't Love Me
A8 - Five Miles From Home
A9 - The Best Years Of My Wife
B1 - Love Worked A Miracle
B2 - Come On And Sing
B3 - It's All Over (But The Shouting)
B4 - In The Deep Dark Jungle
B5 - Let'er Go
B6 - That's Allright
B7 - Hello Baby
B8 - Stranger Than Fiction
B9 - You're The Cause Of It All

Vinyl rip. Artwork.

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