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vendredi 26 février 2016

Shout, Sister, Shout!

A1. Apollo Jump
A2. Ride, Red, Ride (Vocal Lucky Millinder)
A3. That's All (Vocal Sister Rosetta Tharpe + Ensemble)
A4. Shipyard Social Function
A5. Hurry, Hurry! (Vocal Wynonie Harris)
A6. Shout, Sister, Shout! (Vocal Sister Rosetta Tharpe + Ensemble)
A7. Mason Flyer
A8. Slide, Mr. Trombone (Vocal Trevor Bacon)
A9. There's Good Blues Tonight Vocal Annisteen Allen)
B1. Let Me Off Uptown (Vocal Trevor Bacon)
B2. Rock Me (Vocal Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
B3. Little John Special
B4. Who Threw The Whiskey Down The Well (Vocal Wynonie Harris)
B5. Trouble In Mind (Vocal Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
B6. Big Fat Mama (Vocal Trevor Bacon)
B7. Rock Daniel (Vocal Sister Rosetta Tharpe + Ensemble)
B8. All The Time (Vocal The Lucky Seven)
B9. I Want A Tall Skinny Papa (Vocal Sister Rosetta Tharpe + Ensemble)

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping

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