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samedi 6 février 2016

Round The Clock


A1. Harlem Nocturne
A2. My Baby's Business (Vocal Jimmy Rushing)
A3. Round The Clock (Vocal Jimmy Rushing)
A4. Preston Love's Mansion
A5. Boogie Guitar
A6. Little Red Hen (Vocall Redd Lyte)
A7. Hangover Blues
A8. New Orleans Shuffle
B1. If It's So Baby (Vocal The Robins)
B2. Rain In My Eyes (Vocal The Robins)
B3. I Found Out My Troubles (Vocal The Robins)
B4. I'm Livin' Ok (Vocal The Robins)
B5. Ain't No Use Beggin' (Vocal The Robins)
B6. You're Fine But Not My Kind (Vocal The Robins)
B7. Turkey Hop Part 1
B8. Turkey Hop Part 2

A1. Blues Nocturne
A2. Cry Baby (Vocal Mel Walker)
A3. Mistrustin' Blues (Vocal Little Esther & Mel Walker)
A4. Dreamin' Blues (Vocal Mel Walker)
A5. Cool And Easy (Vocal By Redd Lyte)
A6. Wedding Boogie (Vocals Mel Walker, Little Esther & Preacher Lee Graves)
A7. Sunset To Dawn (Vocal Mel Walker)
A8. Honky Tonk Boogie
B1. All Night Long (Vocal Johnny Otis)
B2. Deceivin' Blues (Vocals Little Esther & Mel Walker)
B3. Three Magic Words (Vocal Mel Walker)
B4. Because I Love My Baby So (Vocal By "The Group")
B5. Beer Bottle Boogie (Vocal Marilyn Scott)
B6. Uneasy Blues (Vocal Marilyn Scott)
B7. Love Will Break Your Heart For You (Vocal Mel Walker)
B8. Rockin' Blues (Vocal Mel Walker)

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping
Artwork with Disc 1

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