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lundi 22 février 2016

One Way Train (Up)

A1 - Lost To A Stranger
A2 - Lovesick And Sorrow
A3 - Get Lost You Wolf
A4 - One Sided Love Affair
A5 - In The Clay Beneath The Tomb
A6 - The Wrong Kind Of Life
A7 - I'll Be Broken Hearted
A8 - Let's Stop Fooling Ourselves
B1 - The Only One
B2 - The Prisoner's Song
B3 - Nobody's Darling But Mine
B4 - One Way Train
B5 - Foolish Pride
B6 - John Henry
B7 - There's More Pretty Girls Than One
B8 – Stonewall

Vinyl Rip. Artwork.

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Anonyme a dit…

This is a very nice post!
But there is no link for it!
Please can you activate the link for this Hylo Brown?
Thanks a lot to You!

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Uncle Gil a dit…

Thanks BDaD ! Again, a senior moment !