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samedi 20 février 2016

I'm A Lone Wolf (Up)

A1 - I Love You Because
A2 - The Great American Eagle
A3 - The Fatal Letter
A4 - My Daddy
A5 - A Link In The Chain Of Broken Hearts
A6 - I'm A Lone Wolf
A7 - I Just Said Goodbye To My Dreams
A8 - You Still Got a Place In My Heart
B1 - I Couldn't Do A Thing Without You
B2 - Did I Forget To Tell You
B3 - I Miss That Gal
B4 - Empty Dreams
B5 - Farewell Waltz
B6 - Lying To My Heart
B7 - Mailman
B8 - Weeping Willow

Vinyl rip. Artwork.

2 commentaires:

Pablow a dit…

Any chance of a re-up of this and the "LEON PAYNE –THE LANG / WORTH SESSIONS"?? Much Love, Kris

Timmy a dit…

Thanx for all these Leon Paynes.......!!!!!!!!